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  • Alyssa Rose Bliven


Meet Bruce. And yes, you do have to read his name like its a misheard lyric from "Don't Bring Me Down" by Electric Light Orchestra whenever you see it. That is the only proper way to say it. Bruce is my favorite found object sculpture I have created to date. He is a mixture between natural and man made objects. He is weirdly anthropomorphic. Like maybe a relative of Mr. Snuffleupagus. Bruce is predominately assembled with hot glue but there is some modgepodge and hope in there. A list of materials would include dried disassembled hydrangeas, twine, copper pipe, a fish bowl, and a small bit of fabric on his butt. He has been a good omen in my studio since his creation and although he is quite out of line with my usual work I have been unable to bare letting him go. I have been asked if he is for sale a few times and although I always pause and think I have never been able to part with him. He is forever going to be a little gargoyle high up on a shelve watching me work and I am quite alright with that.


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